ConveyLinx provides integrated control for Motorised Driver Roller (MDR) conveyors and brushless motor control applications using PROFINET and Ethernet TCP/IP communication technology. The modules can operate as linear transfer devices without additional control needed, or can be controlled by a PLC to act as transfer module, diverter, RAT, etc… The main benefits of this conveyor control are:

  • Low cost wiring ( CAT 5 module to module connection )
  • Single button-push installation: (very fast and low cost installation)
  • Extensive diagnostics
  • Single button-push replacement of malfunctioning modules (fast maintenance)
  • 2 zone controller for cost-effective system modularity
  • System flexibility: The user can add a low-cost PLC to create more complex systems. For example, using ConveyLinx modules as remote I/O’s to control a non-linear conveyor
  • Supports the most popular Ethernet based industrial communication protocols: Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP and PROFINET (Rockwell/Allen Bradley)


  • 2 sensor inputs, PNP/NPN autoconfigured, Light/Dark operated autoconfigured
  • 2 MDR outputs that can control the following MDR types:
  • ITOH
  • Interroll
  • 2 additional hardware control ports for external accumulation/handshake control
  • Build in Ethernet switch to connect to upstream/dounstream modules
  • 20V to 30VDC operation
  • -40°C to +50°C operation, suitable for freezer operation
  • Dimension: 149mm x 87mm x 27mm
  • Electromagnetic capability: IEC 801


Version: 4.25

PLC Connectivity

ConveyLinx GSDML

ConveyLinx UDTs For Step 7

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ConveyLinx User's Guide

ConveyLinx Developers Guide

Connecting ConveyLinx modules to Siemens PLCs

Connecting ConveyLinx modules to Rockwell PLCs