ConveyLinx-Ai2, The most powerful Controller within the PulseRoller family. ConveyLinx-Ai2 can give you in-depth control of every possible Motor Driven Roller application available.

Out of the box ConveyLinx-Ai2 is a zero pressure accumulation controller for either two Senergy Motors or Pulse Gear Drives. This is accomplished by connecting two drive motors, two sensors, supplementary I/O, and an Standard Cat5 Shielded ethernet cable to the next downstream card.

  • 24V Motor Drive Roller (MDR) Control System
  • 2- Zone Per Module Reduces Cost and Saves Time
  • ZPA Logic Built In for Quick Installation
  • Seamless Integration with ConveyLinx and ConveyNet-IP
  • Capable of PLC Logic for Special Conveyor Applications
  • Single Press Pushbutton Installation
  • Ethernet Networked for All Major PLC Suppliers
  • CE and ETL Certified to UL Standards
  • ODVA Ethernet I/P conformance tested
  • Profinet conformance tested


  • 2 sensor inputs, PNP/NPN autoconfigured, Light/Dark operated autoconfigured
  • 2 MDR outputs that can control Senergy MDR
  • M8 standard connector for both MDRs and Photo-Eyes
  • Build in Ethernet switch to connect to upstream/dounstream modules
  • 21V to 29VDC operation
  • -40°C to +50°C operation, suitable for freezer operation
  • Dimension: 206mm x 56mm x 26mm
  • Electromagnetic capability: IEC 801
  • IP54 protection rating


Version: 6.4.0

PLC Connectivity

ConveyLinx-Ai / Ai2 GSDML

ConveyLinx-Ai / Ai2 All UDTs

ConveyLinx-Ai / Ai2 UDTs For Step 7

ConveyLinx-Ai / Ai2 UDTs for MDR Data


ConveyLinx-Ai2 User's Guide

ConveyLinx-Ai2 Developers Guide

ConveyLinx-Ai2 Specification

Connecting ConveyLinx-Ai2 modules to Siemens PLCs

ODVA - Declaration of Conformity

ProfiNET - Declaration of Conformity