E-Qube provides control for standard Senergy motors utilizing the ECO mode performance profile .  Speed, acceleration & deceleration are adjustable using combinations of DIP switches on the module.

Motors may be run clockwise (CW) or counter Clockwise (CCW) using digital inputs to the controller terminals.  A motor/module error output is available for connection to user controls.

At its core, the E-Qube module utilizes the same motor commutation and overload protection algorithms that are used in our advanced and network based controllers.  

Economical drive card




  • CE Certified, RoHS Compliant, IP20 Environment
  • UL recognized (UL 61800-5-1)
  • Options for PNP or NPN control inputs
  • DIP Switch Setting for 32 available speeds
  • DIP Switch Setting for 16 available Accel / Decel rates
  • 2 Digital Run signals to provide 3 speed options plus Input for Reverse
  • LED Indicators for Power, Run, Reverse and Error
  • PI regulated Speed Control
  • ECO Performance Mode


E-Qube Reference Manual