MotionLinx-Ai is PulseRoller's advanced high end EtherCAT networked Motor Drive controller, using Ai (Advance intelligence) technology for MDR control. The Ai technology provides advanced motor control and diagnostic with friendly 4 pin M8 connectors and IP54 protection. MotionLinx-Ai supports EtherCAT protocol and can be seamlessly integrated into any EtherCAT system.
  • 2 sensor inputs, PNP/NPN autodetection, Light/Dark operated
  • 2 M4 MDR outputs that can control Senergy-Ai MDR
  • M8 standard connector for both MDRs and Photo-Eyes
  • Build in EtherCAT controller
  • 21V to 29VDC operation
  • 0°C to +50°C operation,(Freezer variant available)
  • Dimension: 206mm x 56mm x 26mm
  • Electromagnetic capability: IEC 801
  • IP54 protection rating

MotionLinx-Ai Firmware
Version: 3.3
Size: 280 KB
Additional Files

MotionLinx-Ai ESI
Size: 8 KB

MotionLinx-Ai User's Guide
(complete documentation in PDF format )
Size: 3,43 MB